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In stock now the new Bobbin accessory range.

To compliment your beautiful Bobbin bicycle there is a range of pretty and practical accessories. From baskets to retro front lights, straw panniers, newly designed luggage, funky helmets, lots and lots of bells and trouser straps.


Always in stock for your new bike or to jazz up an old one.

What more could you want? 



Bobbin love baskets, whatever bike you choose you should be able to find a basket to suit your needs. D shaped, oval, square, New York crates, there's something for everyone.

Straw Panniers, Luggage and  Racks

If baskets aren't your thing and you need more carrying space why not fit a chrome pannier rack and choose some luggage.

Retro Lighting

Safe and stylish, these retro lights not only provide good light to be seen whilst navigating the streets but look the part too. Get the old-fashioned look on the outside, but modern functionality on the inside! Chrome front lights (as shown) available with a variety of choices for the rear, usually good quality

Busch and Muller !


Complete the Bobbin look with one of their funky helmets.

Black isn’t necessarily a sensible or flattering colour for a helmet. This one has a very slim profile that compliments every face shape and a super-reflective finish that is both chic and mega-visible. It’s no surprise that these helmets are faves in style mags and on the street.

We say: blondes go with silver and brunettes go with gold, but we’ll let you decide.


New Bronze also available in store now!



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