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Note that Plus framesets are now £1639.



We have a Black 24" Plus bike built with 1 x 10 that you can come to the shop and

swing your leg over.


more details about Jones Plus here

and some writing from new boy at Jones Brandon here


All grips, bars and new tumblers in stock too!


Carbon Loop bars now at £340

Aluminium Loops 710 0r 660mm £140

Bends 710mm £90

Loop SG's are £90



Jones Plus - framesets from £1639



"Jeff Jones hasn't merely re-written the rulebook, he's reinvented paper..." Mike Davis, Shift magazine (Privateer)



vertical compliance | lateral stiffness | short wheelbase | 135mm front hub | lightweight & exceptional handling | big tire clearance | singlespeed or geared | 29"/700c (or fat front tyre)



Yes, there are brilliant riders with suspension technology truly exploring cycling possibilities. Pushing the envelope and all that. But this style of riding and type of bike might not actually suit everyone, whatever the adverts are telling you. Read the adverts carefully. A simple bike can be amazing. There is immense satisfaction to be found in riding the trails as they are – not a version filtered by damping, compression and sag. To ride without the flattery of bloat ‘n’ float – less really can be more. It’s delightful when all your steering, pedalling and subtle weight shifts make an immediate difference to your ride. Sure, it’s not for everyone, some people won’t want or like it, but for those who can appreciate this kind of riding and this kind of bicycle then a Jones is the very best bike available. It’s agile, precise, efficient and comfortable. It’s fantastic fun. It’s dynamic. The Jones geometry delivers a rigid bicycle that is anything but – frame and forks designed in harmony to deliver a pure cycling experience like no other. The high-performance, non-suspension, bicycle.


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