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Salsa Marrakesh


We offer Marrakesh in a drop bar or flat bar setup. Both cockpits have different handling attributes, so we designed geometries best suited for each one. Marrakesh is stable and predictable when heavily loaded, and durable enough to be strapped down to the roof of a bus jostling over a remote pass. Turkish dust around the bottom bracket and mud from Thailand’s monsoon season make just as much sense on this bike as all the stickers from the other countries you’ve visited do. When you’ve decided to stop dreaming and actually make that year abroad a reality, Marrakesh is ready to pile on the miles.


Salsa Marrakesh Flat Bar, price dependent on specification, available as frame set £650

Ideal for building with the awesome Rohloff gear hub. A simple swap of the left hand swinging dropout allows easy and simple wheel adjustment or removal.

Build your dream tourer!  

Click here to take a look at some of our Marrakesh custom builds.


Salsa Marrakesh Drop Bar, £1599, also available as frameset for £650.

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