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Surly Big Dummy from £1799.99                               Frameset (green) £1000



The Big Dummy is designed for carrying cargo. And our dog.


It’s built around the Xtracycle design platform, which means that Xtracycle or Surly accessories can be added depending on what you want to carry, or you can build your own to meet whatever hauling need you have. Figure on being able to carry about 200 pounds (90kg) of cargo.


One of the funny things about the Big Dummy is that it doesn’t ride quite like you might think. It’s a smidge longer, but mainly it rides like a bike. It’s smooth, maneuverable, even nimble. Are you riding light and want to hit some singletrack on the way home? Do it. Even take it to the local cross v. mountain bike race


Lots of people, including us, bought one to use once in a while and began to use it everyday. The frame can be built up lots of different ways to suit your needs and budget. We have an 8 speed Shimano Alfine on the back of ours - it's geared low and that works great. The complete bike option has reliable but understated components to help keep the price down while still retaining durability.

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