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Surly Lowside

Due to arrive end April.

Complete bike £1450 

Frameset £750

Bit of a history lesson for you. One of the first bikes made by Surly way back in 1998 was the venerable 1x1 Rat Ride. A bike to go to the pub on, ride some singletrack and generally make a nuisance out of yourself on! After 19 years of service the 1x1 has been retired to be replaced by the Lowside. 


New features include Gnot Boost rear spacing which allows you to run either

a 27.5 x 2.8" setup or 26 x 3"

Bolt thru front and rear for a stiffer ride (so important when hopping curbs or bunny hopping small dogs). 

The Lowside features a 44mm headtube so if running a 100mm of suspension is your thing then your covered for that as well as dropper post routing.


As a complete bike it comes as a singlespeed, however it does have (shuush) a derailleur hanger should you decide your getting too old for all this singlespeed nonsense :-)


Available in one colour only- 'Rainbow in the Dark' (metallic black), it comes with

Sunrise bars and 26 x 3" Dirt Wizards. 


It's like your favourite bike from your childhood all grown up. Now you just gotta remember you don't bounce so good when you hit the floor these days.


To see more watch here:



Singlespeed, fat tyres and stealthy black.
Sunrise bars and Rainbow in the Dark paintwork.
Rear dropouts with derailleur hanger.
Buying this bike does not guarantee the ability to ride steps (or make you more attractive to the opposite sex!)

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