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Link Series

The Link family of bikes is designed with a simple goal–getting you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether your journey is all on bike or a combo of public transport and bike, your Link is ready to adapt. Go by Link and keep to your own schedule.

Link A7

Link A7 £450

The Link A7 lets you discover the utility of a folding bike at an affordable price.

With wide range 7-speed gearing, and a custom telescopic handlepost, it’s easy to dial-in exactly the ride you’re looking for. It’s built with eyelets for a rear rack, comes complete with mudguards and it's 20" wheel size makes it ride like a normal bike. 

Available in blue or red.


Large wheels- small fold.

Link C8

Link C8 £600

The Link C8 is one of Tern's best selling models. Wide range 8 speed gearing for going fast in town and climbing ability in hillier terrain. Lighterweight frame, more adjustable and stiffer handlepost, upgraded tyres and bombproof wheels. Add a rack and guards to make this an all round commuter. Available in gun metal and navy blue.

Link D8

Link D8 £650

The Link D8 is designed to be your everyday travel companion. 

8 speed drivetrain for all the range you need in the city. Adjustable handlebar stem that allows you to make adjustments whilst on the move. Low profile rear mech designed to protect it from knocks and bumps. Schwalbe Big Apple tyres for a smooth and puncture protected ride. Comes with guards and add a rack for grabbing the shopping on the way home. Available in red/black.

Bike in closet- what's not to like!


Your Tern bike is a pretty sweet machine but sometimes you just need to add a little more. With a full range of accessories it's possible to tailor your ride.

Add  guards, racks and bags and for the times your bike has to travel too there's a comprehensive range of luggage to help protect your bike on the move.


Have bag-will travel.

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