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What is bikepacking? Put simply it's extending your day ride into a muti day adventure. Fasten your luggage on your bike and head for the hills, be it a bivvy or a bothy the feeling of riding long past the time of day when everyone else has left the hills is unbeatable.


One of the best ways to carry your stuff when bikepacking is with the use of dedicated bikepacking luggage. This is designed to be fastened directly to the bike doing away with the need for heavy luggage racks and panniers that flap around at the first sight of singletrack. We're proud to stock bikepacking luggage by Wildcat Gear, Ortleib and Apidura, between these three companies we can cover all your bikepacking luggage requirements.


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Thought about water filtration on your trip?

Unfortunately water borne nasties are cropping up everywhere even in the UK. Click here to take a look at some info about the Travel Tap water bottles we sell.

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