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Apidura bikepacking luggage

Apidura are driven by a passion to open a whole new world of riding possibilities and with their rackless, ultralightweight luggage they're managing to do just that. Ultralight, durable, and extremely functional, it's all about unencumbered bicycle touring so that cyclists can spend more time enjoying the ride.

We've long been fans off strapping it all on the bike and dragging, riding, pushing (delete as applicable) your bike to remote and sometimes not so remote places. The Sub 24 hour Overnight (S24O) is one of our favourite things, finish work Sat pm, head for the hills come home Sun pm. Simple.

All you need is a bike, a couple of bags and you're off. 


So where to put all your stuff then?


Traditionally sleeping equipment can be stowed up front in the Handlebar harness - squishable stuff like sleeping bags and your bivvy. Attach an Accessory pocket for even more room.


Any spare or additional clothing would be in the Seat pack - as little or as much as you like to carry. Some riders get away with travelling incredibly light but that's not for everyone so there are three sizes and whichever you choose they are all easy to roll down if not full.


Pick the Frame pack to fit your frame size and fill it with items you may need to access semi-regularly. Doubles as a daily riding or commuting bag too - probably the most versatile bag of all, you'll end up using it a lot.


Top tube packs are available in two sizes and fit those little things you'll need to access frequently. Camera, snacks and multitool. Also great as a day ride/commute bag.


The Backcountry series of bags are a stiched-seam range of bags. These are made using  X-Pac VX21 fabric, though the body fabric of this pack is waterproof, due to the stitching process used to assemble the product, there is the possibility for water to enter the packs through the seams when exposed to sustained rain. We recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry (such as electronics).


Unless, of course, you opt for the 'Expedition' series.

These packs are made using a seam welded process which makes them waterproof, durable and suitable for the toughest of adventures. These bags are also a little lighter in weight so if you're chasing grams then this is the way to go.


Below is a list of all prices, we normally have everything in stock. Feel free to pop in with your bike to make sure your buying the correct size for your frame. Plus we love to hear what you've got planned!



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