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Bobbin Wagtail

Bobbin Wagtail

Complete bike £595

Wagtail is the brainchild of Bobbin’s surfer Uncle Alan, who moved to California in 1963. It’s an instantly delightful ride, a workhorse, weekend fun machine or both. Wagtail features a super comfortable slim steel frame, with fat 26” tyres that roll seamlessly over gravelly country byways or pot-holed urban lanes. Swept-back bars and a long MTB stem give a nice cruisey position for sun-dappled foraging expeditions, or for getting you to the beach and back. The forged alloy chainset, Microshift bar-mounted shifters and canti brakes complete this cult classic.

Practical mudguard and rack mounts of course.

Sizes: small/medium or med/large

What size? Have a look at the Bobbin Bicycle size guide.