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Jones Plus & Jones 29

Note that currently the complete Jones ‘off the peg’ bike is only available in the US – there is no availability in the UK. Please contact us for up to date information on other frame variants.



Jones Plus and Jones 29

Frame and Fork £1639

The Jones 29 and the Jones Plus differ in where they start on the line that stretches from comfort to technical. The Plus, with its larger (29+ /29×3″) tire capabilities, long wheelbase and very own version of Jones Geometry lends itself to smooth, comfortable, assured riding (on and off-road) – rolling over and along trails and paved road – while the 29 is the racier, zippier, more-nimble version, sacrificing a little comfort and stability for amazing handling in the trickiest of technical situations. In Venn Diagram terms the two models do overlap enormously though. They both offer great handling and all-day-long comfort across a huge range of cycling possibilities. Both can handle the most testing trails. Because the bicycle, the geometry, the ride is the thing a Jones is about then whatever you ask it to do, in bicycle terms, it’s ready. It shines.

The Plus comes in both 24″ and 25″ Effective Top Tube sizes – the 24 is equivalent to the 23″ Jones 29. The framesets can be bought as a complete bike, rolling chassis or frameset; geared, singlespeed – for dirt or road riding

Frames and forks come in black, grey and blue.

All Jones Bikes are custom. Here are some of our Jones 29 and Jones Plus builds: