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Jones Space frame & Truss fork

Titanium Space frame and Truss fork

RRP £4380

This is, currently, as good as it gets. The titanium Spaceframe and Truss fork deliver the rigid bicycle that is anything but. Laterally stiff to deliver the power with a vertical compliance that softens the ride? Yes, but this is only the icing on the cake. The Jones geometry ensures the best handling bike there is. It really does need to be ridden to appreciate it. Titanium, used here, provides strength, stiffness and compliance in a light, durable bike. The Jones geometry makes it all worthwhile. Note: headset shown is available, but not included in the frameset price. New for April 2015 – Thru-Axle front and rear and a direct mount rear derailleur option.

Steel Space frame and Truss fork

RRP £1599

Steel frames have the same geometry, clearances, features, gearing options, handling and balance points as the titanium frames but at a lower cost, heavier weight and a different feel. The ride is similar to the ti frame (it has the Jones geometry after all) but it is different. It does feel vertically stiffer compared to the titanium Spaceframe but it’s a very good, solid feel. It’s steel and steel is good. Note: headset shown is available, but not included in the frameset price.

The steel Spaceframe and Truss fork produce a ride that is stiffer than the titanium version but smoother than the Diamond steel model (below). The tubes used can be smaller than the Ti version as steel is stiffer and this then allows the flex to be carefully managed to deliver efficiency and comfort.

Construction: The frame is TIG welded 4130 chromoly with a butted down tube. The cable guides and bottle bosses are brazed on. The fork is all 4130. The frame and fork are ED black and then powder coated for a durable finish.