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Salsa Blackborow

Salsa Blackborow

Complete builds from £3200
Frameset £1800

Blackborow is Salsa’sdream big” cargo fat bike, best paired with an unlimited imagination. With huge carrying capacity via abundant frame and fork braze-ons, and room for four full-sized panniers on the beautifully engineered rear rack, your “It sure would be awesome to…” list of expeditions is more feasible than ever. When resupplies along your route are few and far between, or you want to incorporate backcountry skiing, fishing, trail building, camping or any number of other opportunities into your journey, Blackborow will be at the top of your pack list every time.

Our Blackborow has taken over from the Surly Big Dummy for everyday dog haulin’ responsibilities.

Now available in Copper

2018 Blackborow in Gunmetal