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Surly Bridge Club

Complete build from £1350
700c framset £600

Want to dip you toe into touring, bikepacking or mountain biking? This really is one bike to do it all.

New 700c wheel frameset and complete builds available now in “Illegal Smile” green.

27.5″ wheel complete builds available in black and light blue.

The Bridge Club bridges the gap (see what we did there?) for both on and off road excursions.

When the road runs out or the dirt turns to tarmac the Bridge Club can take it all in it’s stride.

To make it a nimbler ride it’s been kept leaner on the amount of  braze-ons compared to some of the other Surly bikes. Having said this you can still fit racks, mudguards, bottle cages (3) or three pack cages. This makes it perfect for all touring set ups from rack and panniers to frame packs and bikepacking luggage.

The Bridge Club is disc brake specific with a vertical rear dropout. Simple!

Complete with a Salsa Bend bar it’s handlebar bag friendly and makes for comfortable cruising on those long stretches.

Drop bar your Bridge Club

Just because it's only available as a complete bike doesn't mean you can't customise it!

Just for shoots and giggles, we added drop bars to a Surly Bridge Club. Cause why not? Rides great! We can do a similar conversion for around £150 on top of the complete price.