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Surly Pugsley

Surly Pugsley 2018Surly Pugsley

Complete builds from £2200
Frameset £800

New for 2018 the re-designed Pugsley.

Back in 2003 Surly were designing and proto’ing Fatbikes much to the amusement of the big corps, fast forward 15 years and all the big corps have jumped on the bandwagon. Thing is the Pugsley is still the original and the best.

It’s makeover has seen it re-designed to be the best off-road and touring rig. If it’s extreme terrain your headed for then this is the bike to take.

Pugsley now more closely resembles the rest of their dirt touring models with a few quirks of its own. It has a 142 x 12mm rear dropout with a dedicated Rohloff torque arm slot. If you’d prefer a standard 135mm quick-release setup, Surly 10/12 Adapter Washers allow you to do so. It still has the 17.5mm offset that Pugsley is known for plus they’ve also offset the rack mounts. Rear racks now fit centered over the tyre and new lengthened chain stays mean you’ll never kick your pannier. The extra length also adds extra stability and improved handling.

The bike allows you to run up to a 4.8″ tyre (great for flotation!), has more mounts than you can shake a stick at ( 7 sets not including racks!), and still has the front/ rear wheel swopability for when the sh*t hits the fan.

When armagedon arrives it’ll be time to load the Pug and head for the hills.

Some of our custom Surly Pugsley builds: