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Surly Bikes

More than half of the Surly's we build are ground up custom builds. The versatility of the Surly framesets lend themselves to being the foundation for your dream bike.

Be it a super bling 1 x Karate Monkey or an apocolypse ready Surly Troll complete with dynamo hub, USB chargers and Rohloff hub gears.

We can have framesets re powdercoated in your dream colour or have S&S couplings installed.

Click on the tabs on the left to see some of the builds we've done. 

Custom Pink Surly ECR With Rohloff and Dynamo Hub.

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Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday   
    8am to 6pm
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    10am to 4pm  
    Sunday, Monday & Bank Holiday Weekends

  Our address:

   Keep Pedalling

   23 Hilton Street


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   Tel:0161 222 6015


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