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Brooks Saddles are a classic part of cycling.

Brooks have been making saddles in Birmingham for a long time and cyclists have been making their bikes more comfortable ever since.

We believe a Brooks saddle will enhance will enhance the ride of pretty much any bicycle. Choose the right one and you will be comfortable for years. After an initial breaking in period (leather saddles only) the saddles become shaped to you so that it is your saddle and no-one elses

We stock a wide range of Brooks saddles, saddle bags and accessories. We also have some demo saddles for you to try before you buy.

Leather Saddles

A good leather saddle will enhance your ride and the look of your bike. After a few rides these saddles will start to ‘shape’ to the contours of your bottom and then it will be uniquely yours. Leather saddles do require a little upkeep as you would a good pair of leather shoes or walking boots. A little Brooks Proofide now and then does wonders to nourish the leather. For most people building a touring bike a Brooks saddle is the default saddle of choice.

As regular stock we keep in the B17, B17S, B17 narrow, Professional, Swift, Swallow, Flyer and Flyer S in various colourways. It’s always good to give us a call to check what we have in as our stock is always changing.

Brooks Ladies saddles in special edition colourways
Brooks Ladies saddles in special edition colourways

Cambium and All Weather Cambium

The Brooks Cambium is a new generation of saddle that offer unique flexibility, need no break in period and unlike the leather saddles these are fine to put on your mountain bike and go playing in the mud.

The original Cambium comes with an organic cotton top that sits atop a natural rubber  saddle. Available in 3 different sizes it comes in black, rust and natural.

For the weight conscious there is the C13 Cambium, this saddle is designed on a racing last and fixed to a set of ovalised carbon rails. Tipping the scales at a mere 259 grams this saddle can grace the raciest of road bikes.